Links to other sites and contacts relevant to our aims - information, resources, contacts, ideas, local community networking, sustainability,
collectives, co-operatives, alternative systems, conscious co-creation, global link ups, creativity that expresses our aims.
Please email links to anything relevant you have that you want us to link to (subject to approval)- and ideally give us a link back -


includes meditations and all sorts of interesting info

Back to The Garden Facebook Group
all welcome - and members regularly post links to what they find of interest
to nurture you

See Radiance-Solutions Links page for many more useful organisations

also via the list of likes on my main facebook page

How to use Meditation to send out
Peace, Love, Healing, etc


Please join the facebook group Back to The Garden & help spread the word.
Back to The Garden Facebook Group
all welcome to join in - and members regularly post likes, and links to what they find of interest


See home page for my tapestry of
suggested words to start with
with hearts, leaves, flowers for them.
If you want to send more ideas please email


Individually, or in groups, we can plant words into the
collective subconscious - by meditating - then thinking,
speaking, chanting, singing - whatever suits you -
the words, or phrases, to embed them.
Just tune in at the same time as other people or groups.

Please see the Article - Degrees of Awareness
for more details and Global link up times.

& which is very relevant to the aims of this site


If anyone would like to suggest links
please let us know the URLs and
why you think they are suitable links
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