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to join in with plans for the garden.

Helping our Young People to
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The World’s my Baby (but let’s get LOCAL)

How to use Meditation to send out
Peace, Love, Healing, etc


Elemental Poems

I came up with the idea of starting a
back to the garden website
with it also to be a new book title for me.

Basically, we - my husband and I (well him mostly) - have done
so much research on what is wrong in our world, and yes we pretty
much dropped out - with him living for his music and me for my
writing and therapies - but we are now returning to what we can do
that is right and positive - hoping to pull in the wider community.

My current book is about States of Consciousness & degrees of
Awareness. My 2nd one contains Guides as a companion to it.
I always want to help people find balance in their own lives,
but this website, the FB group, and my 3rd book aim to try to help
communities rather than just individuals.

I want to encourage people to use meditation linkups to balance the whole collective consciousness towards these positive ideas -
more info on this belew.

The website will have LOADS of information, resources, and contacts on it, as well as ideas, and creativity that works as an alternative language to express our aims.
Positive stuff about how to improve life & claim back our GARDEN.

"We are stardust. We are golden.
And we've got to get ourselves back to the garden."

We will also post information and links to other websites
with positive ways forward.



Many things have been planted
In our precious garden
With our without our consent –
There are too many weeds!
We need to plant fresh seeds
To grow and blossom, and show
That we mean to succeed
In changing the underlying picture –

The substrata of human thought -
Through all our languages –
Words, information, movement, music, art.
We can grow new crops we can thrive on –
Organic produce of our own creation,
Fruits of our common understanding,
Which will flourish, dance, shine, sing, flow,
And be shared through community effort

All of you can come join in the garden –
Bring your positive wishes,
Your ideas, your loving hearts –
Together we will tend the flower beds
Of human imagination and consciousness –
Spread nourishment into the soil
From which our new world will spring
In luxuriant, succulent, tasty colour.



I want to encourage people to use meditation
linkups to balance the collective consciousness
towards these positive ideas. If anyone would like
to offer space for local group meditation along
these lines then please do get in touch, and we will
try to help co-ordinate groups in different areas.

Ideas will be posted for people to simply use from
home etc themselves and hook up with others via
the collective subconscious, planting the thoughts
to regrow our garden as we want it.

Positive ideas to be planted into the collective subconsious - along with the earth, seeds, organic fertilizer, water, sun, air - to enrichen the
foundation for growing our garden

Please see the article
Degrees of Awareness -Making a Positive Impact
It explains more about how this website came about.

Create your own reality - we attract what we focus on
so get your thoughts positive and plan your intentions
with clarity - we can create a world we dare to dream of.

Individually, or in groups, we can plant words into the
collective subconscious - by meditating - then thinking,
speaking, chanting, singing - whatever suits you - the
words, or phrases, to embed them.
Just tune in at the same time as other people or groups:
UK meditation link up times are GMT:
Sunday afternoons 3-8pm
Thurs tea & lunch breaks 10am-2pm
plus Thurs early evening 6-8pm
and Monday late evenings to link up with USA times.
USA & Others - SEE MORE DETAILS & times to link up

See home page for my tapestry of suggested words
to start with - with hearts, leaves, flowers for them.
If you want to send more ideas please email

This poem was actually the start of the journey
towards the GARDEN. I was reading this book about ESP which mentioned that we have other languages such as art, poetry, music, movement - and which also reminded me that we can communicate via telepathy and via the subconscious etc, so what better way to work towards claiming back our sacred GARDEN.

The Language of Secret Selves

My secret self is not so secret any more
As it talks to all the secret selves of time
And scribbles pictures that describe
The goings on inside our minds
As we connect through our deep core
Uniting now with all that went before.
There is no language quite as wide
As one which reaches right inside
Using patterns, swirls, and symbols
Instead of boxes, lists, and labels,
Using love and peace and hope
Instead of moguls and kings and popes.
It reaches beyond all false divides
To the part of you that truly decides
Whether to follow your self or go and hide
,Whether to smile or frown, stand up or lie down.
Come on out, you are one of the crowd –
Joining in is encouraged, not just allowed.
Lay down your ‘sins’, your past, your creeds –
None of them really exist, you are freed.
It’s easy, it’s wise, you don’t have to bleed –
Just leave doubt aside, and come and see –
All of us can, and will, realign
With the soul of our world, if we unite


We can all plant seeds
into the sub strata of human consciousness -
let's make sure we plant good ones -
love, truth, freedom, respect, forgiveness, grace, peace, balance, gratefulness, joy,
holistic wellbeing = health of
mind, body, spirit, and many more xx

If anyone wouold like to offer to research and write
articles for us, or provide information on suitable links
please email me at
It would be best to discuss your idea initially.

includes meditations and all sorts of interesting info

Our LINKS Section
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Chris & Joules
07955-210252 / 01306-500425
46a Marlborough Hill, Dorking, Surrey, RH4 2DD, UK

Our LINKS Section
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Back to The Garden
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all welcome to join in

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Please see the article
Degrees of Awareness - Making a Positive Impact
It explains more about how this website came about,
and shows times to link up around the world

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