How to use Meditation to send out Peace, Love, Healing, etc.

As a healer, meditation teacher, and writer I thought I had better put my skills together 
and write a brief guide on how to do this for the members of our “Back to The Garden” 
facebook group specifically, but also to share more widely.  

Part of the purpose of the group is to meditate during any of the suggested timeslots to 
link up around the world with others doing it at the same time, and send out waves of 
positive thoughts and wishes to help create the changes we wish to see in the world.  I 
have recently come across a term that people seem to be using for this – subtle activism.

Anyone can do simple meditations by taking a few deep breaths and then allowing 
yourself to relax and breathe gently, focusing on the breaths and letting your mind 
become still.  If you have trouble relaxing, it can help to begin with some simple 
exercises to release stress from your body, such as you might do to warm up for any 
sports session.  If you have trouble with your mind chattering at you, just pretend you are 
laying each thought aside on a shelf and then continuing.  You can also focus on a candle, 
flower, crystal, whatever you like if that helps.  As you become more relaxed your sight 
tends to go slightly out of focus, so don’t try to keep it sharp, just allow your eyes to 
soften and even close if you wish.  Just relaxing like this regularly is very good for you, 
but we need to go a bit further to meditate for our purposes.

Once you are relaxed you need to get yourself into a state of readiness to send your 
thoughts out without losing any of your personal energy.  So, first take your attention to 
your feet, or the bottom of your spine, depending on whether you are standing or sitting, 
and just feel a connection with the earth (as if you are literally earthing an electrical 
circuit, or you might like to think of it as rooting yourself like a plant in our natural home).
Just having the intention to make the connection is enough to create it, trust your 
ability, we all have these inherent skills.

The second stage is to connect with the universe or whatever you believe to be the source 
of your power, God, angels, whatever, it all works.  Ask that this source send energy into 
you, and imagine it coming into the top of your head, or into your heart.  Continue to sit 
quietly breathing for a while, just feeling the energy going all around you.  Know now 
that however much you send out, it will be replaced directly from the source, so that you 
cannot become depleted, as it is not drawing on your own energy, which you need to 
keep yourself well, it is simply flowing through you.

Finally you may begin to form whatever thoughts you wish to send out to the world, and 
just sent them out in whatever way works best for you.  It could be a stream, or it could 
be in little packets, like leaves and seeds on the wind, even flowers and hearts too. 
Sometimes it helps to see the colours.  Some people like to just do this silently, and some 
like to speak out loud, or even sing or chant their intended messages.  You don’t even 
need to be physically still, you can do this whole thing while dancing or walking.

Once you are done, just return your focus to your breathing, and gradually become aware 
of your surroundings until you feel you are back to your normal waking state.  Rub hands 
and feet if it helps.  Move slowly to start with, and have a drink of water.

The trick of using altered states of consciousness such as in meditation or healing is not 
to try too hard, don’t force it, just be gentle, and it will come naturally as you practice.

An added tip perhaps is to try using affirmations to get you even better prepared for 
sending out your messages.  Once you have done the parts about grounding yourself to 
the earth, and connecting with the universe etc to receive energy, you can increase the 
sense of the energy coming into you by using affirmations such as : “I love.  I am loved”. 
Breathe deeply and smile as you feel the energy coming in.  This is not love as in a 
romance, it is a deep two way connection with the universe or your God, so that you 
actually become one with it all and you ARE love.  It fills you up with strength and 
security, and knowledge that you are safe to participate fully in life, including sending out 
beautiful energy to the world.  You can imagine pink flower and new leaf green colours 
too if you like, as those are the heart energy colours, so the visualisation will enhance the affirmation.

Please do also see our blog on energy management
How to stay protected during energy work or any time we are giving of ourselves to others.

Julia Woodman – Life Coach, Counsellor, Stress Consultant, and Writer

Bundle of 2 MEDITATION GUIDES available here
Meditation Guide 1 – Information
Principles / Energy and Breath / Protection / Grounding / Safety
Meditation Guide 2  Practice
Techniques & examples to use  from simple to advanced.
Includes some meditations for groups and for couples.

We attract what we focus on - so let us focus on what we want, instead of worrying about what we don't want.

So - I want to create a forum for the sharing of ideas & information,
but also a way to co-ordinate global meditation link ups,
whereby we create and transmit a blueprint of our new garden for humanity and all species.

We can create local groups and/or we can simply meditate at home or wherever we happen to be at the time.
The idea is that we all link up with this idea of planting good seeds of thought into the ground of consciousness
for our new world to spring from. We can just silently think these thoughts ourselves, or we can say them out loud,
or chant or sing them in groups. Let's make sure we plant good positive and useful seeds, such as
LOVE, PEACE, TRUTH, FREEDOM, RESPECT, WELLBEING (Holistic Health of Mind, Body & Spirit),
Please see my tapestry picture with ideas for words and phrases shown in the leaves, hearts, and flowers,
and other comments on the info page, for ideas to start with.

If we set time slots for each country or time zone,
then people can aim to link in during those specific times wherever possible, to heighten the effect.

UK GMT times are:

Thursdays - between 10am and 2pm (join in on your tea or lunch break!)

Thursdays - early evening (bless your suppers too) 6-8pm.
(On the first and third thursday of each month at the Living Light Healing Sanctuary, Quaker Meeting House in Reigate
similar Earth and personal healing group meditation takes place at 7.30pm
with one-to-one Spiritual Healing from 8pm to 9.30pm every thursday. All are welcome)

Sundays - between 3pm and 8pm (join in on your lazy sunday afternoons)

Mondays - late evenings whatever time you can to aim to link in with USA times.
See below for Timezones for USA & some other countires.

You don't have to hold groups, just commit to devoting a few minutes at a certain time of a certain day,
and we will let others know to link in... but groups are great too.

We create our own reality - so take responsibility to get your thoughts positive and plan your intentions with clarity.

John Lennon - in the Collective Consciousness – Being Real.

Please also join the facebook group Back to The Garden & help spread the word.
Back to The Garden Facebook Group
all welcome to join in

Love, Joules

To co-ordiante meditation times around the globe - use the time zone map
So our Monday late one, say if we went for midnight, it would be 7pm in New York,
6pm in Texas, 5pm in the midwest and only 4pm on the west coast.
It would be 8pm in most of S America, but a bit later as you head over N West.
Cairo and Cape Town and most of Europe is one hour ahead of us
so we could link in with them on all our earlier timed days.
Israel, Red Sea, Turkey, Greece etc are 3hrs ahead of us so can likewise link in with these.
India is 5 to 6 hours ahead, so the earlier times are best.
Australia is 7 / 8 / 9 hours ahead of us going from west to east, so our sunday afternoon
and Thursday early ones are best to link in with them.
New Zealand is 11 hrs ahead, so only the earliest part of our thursday one will do.


Links to other sites and contacts relevant to our aims - information, resources, contacts, ideas,
local community networking, sustainability, collectives, co-operatives, alternative systems,
conscious co-creation, global link ups, creativity that expresses our aims.



See home page for my tapestry of
suggested words to start with
with hearts, leaves, flowers for them.
If you want to send more ideas please email


Individually, or in groups, we can plant words into the
collective subconscious - by meditating - then thinking,
speaking, chanting, singing - whatever suits you -
the words, or phrases, to embed them.
Just tune in at the same time as other people or groups:
UK meditation link up times are
Sunday afternoons 3-8pm
and Thurs tea & lunch breaks 10am-2pm
plus early evening 6-8pm
and Mondays late evenings to link up with USA time
USA & Others (let us know your times)

If anyone would like to offer to
research and write articles for us,
or provide information on suitable links
please email me at
It would be best to discuss your idea initially.

Back to The Garden Facebook Group
all welcome to join in