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She first noticed the itching after returning from a trip to North Africa. Then the sores came - red blistery things.
At first she thought it was skin cancer because the area she noticed it first appear on was where she had most caught the sun - the top of her chest.
But this was also the area she had applied lots of cream to, and she knew that her skin did not like cream, and that it could cause all sorts of issues using it.
Then she realised that it was spreading - like a living thing, and now included brown mole things and some white patches - so she knew that the heat of the sun
plus the moisture from the cream had provided an ideal environment for something other than herself to flourish on her skin.

She started treating it with rosemary oil which dried it out quite well, and also pulled out a lot of muck - like an astringent cleansing effect.

Then as it continued to spread down her body, particularly under her breasts, she continued to add more treatments, alternating them as seemed fit.
Vinegar, salt, athletes foot powder, plus tea trea oil and other disinfecting baths to ensure that every bit of her was at least given an antiseptic treatment.

 She didn't want to go to the doctor because she knew she would either be given a greasy cream which would tend to make it worse, or some nasty medicine
to try to attack it from the inside out.  She already had other medical issues that would be made worse by taking antibiotics etc.
Her immune system and general metabolism were already struggling, and her gut was probably not in balance either.
She was doing her damndest to counter all this with an excellent diet and didn't want any medicine that would blow all that, unless it became absolutely essential.

So she continued with her regime, and with wearing loose clothes that covered her skin well but didn't make it too hot, and with doing lots of washing.
She chose a few sets of clothing and 2 towels that she kept re-washing and re-using rather than risking anything possibly spreading into other clothes.

She appeared to be getting on top of the thing.  It had spread quite a lot, but then seemed to be really drying out and dying back.
The awful sense of something crawling was gone for the moment.
But while some bits were certainly dying out, there were still fresh bits breaking out even in the midst of dry areas,
plus bits still trying to spread, suddenly appearing somewhere else.

The next thing she added to her regime was bicarbonate of soda - to make her skin dry and alkaline - not a conducive environment, plus she kept up with
the oils inbetween whiles for antiseptic and astringent purposes.

She noticed that if she attacked one area afresh, she could actually feel a squirming somewhere else on her body, as if different parts of the colony were
somehow communicating with each other.  This actually helped her to find new bits that she handed yet noticed, and apply her treatments there as well.

She tried to meditate, something she usually found easy, and loved to do a lot of, but there was a denseness blocking the pathways it seemed.
Also when she visualised any natural environment, something that had always brought her peace and joy before, she felt afraid.
Something seemed to scream "No!"  No hill, no trees, no sand, no water, what!?
It was as if her mind was rejecting nature now that her body had been invaded by it.

She knew from her nutritional studies that the DNA of our gut bacteria affects us, even how we think. If it is out of balance it has a negative effect on
our all-round well-being. So she supposed the same might apply to a fungal invasion.  Further studies showed that
unbalancing invasions of our guts particularly can even cause our bodies to produce substances which benefit them, but not us!

The feeling of it affecting her consciousness freaked her, and she managed to get hold of some iodine.
(You can't get it in chemists anymore as it seems someone has decided it is dangerous for the plebs to have access to it, but you can get it easily online.)
Applying this seemed to really knock it for six, but it did cause her to go into a kind of state of shock from the pain, which lasted several hours,
so that all she could do was lie in bed and use all her powers to try to calm down.
She took selenium supplements to try to help balance out all the iodine she was putting into her system, and hoped that it wouldn't affect her thyroid negatively.
A whole layer of dried skin peeled off in some areas but after several days she could see new red bits popping up.
A second application helped again, but still did not get rid of it completely, and it had now also spread to other places she could not apply it.

She decided she really had better visit the doctor at this point.  Sure enough the doctor did give her a cream, although she agreed that it was better for her
not to have antibiotics.  She said that this cream should be okay because it was not a steroid.  She said that sometimes steroid creams did make it worse,
but that this one should be tried.  At first this cream did seem to make it worse - the moisture just provided a good environment for it - so she returned to using
tea tree oil, mostly in her bath, and rosemary oil with cotton oil to clean it out.  She also applied athletes foot powder to keep it dry anytime she had to go out.
These measure seemed to keep it pretty much at bay.  But she felt it very hard to relax around others, so it was easier to keep herself to herself as much as possible.

She had felt reassured at least by the Doctor saying it was only a fungal infection and was not contagious unless someone actually really rubbed up against
an affected area of skin, but she wasn't a hundred percent sure the doc was right.  The doc said that the area on the top of her chest was more due to sun damage
and she should moisturise it, but she herself was pretty sure that she needed to get rid of all the other stuff before applying moisturising cream,
and that the other stuff was definitely on that part of her skin as well as all the other many areas.  The nature of the growth differed quite a bit from one area
to another, but in some areas it had several manifestations, so she knew for sure it was all part of the same thing.  Some bits were more wart like
and others more papule like.  The rosemary oil actually made the papules burst and clear up substantially, but then dried bits still clung on.

As all of her skin became more dried out she found she could apply the cream the doctor had given her more, and some coconut oil, sparingly inbetween the other
self chosen treatments.  She was quite worried about the effects of what was happening to her skin on her overall health and wanted to start re-moisturising
as soon as possible, but had to do this with great caution, bit by bit.  At one point she boiled up a lot of crushed garlic and spread that over her skin
before going to bed, sleeping with it under an old track suit a couple of times.  This seemed to have a really good effect and did not dry her out too much.
She felt much better both mornings after she had done that.  But if you ever wanted proof that what we put on our skins goes right into our bodies -
the fact is that each time she did this it made her pass garlic smelling wind for days afterwards.
This is why we need to be so careful what chemicals we expose ourselves to - externally as well as internally.

She was also ensuring she drank lots of water to help clear things out from the inside.  She was actually quite thirsty so this was quite easy to do.
She was also drinking a lot of herbal tea to try to cut down on the sugar she had in normal tea, because she knew that undesirable things used sugar
in our bodies to grow.  She soon got to not even really like the taste of sugary things anymore, and she also decided to start cutting out milk,
as she knew this could also be an issue for her, and it was easier to do now along with her other dietary changes.  Not coconut milk though -
that is really good for you.  The medium chain fats from it are essential for us, and do not make us fat.  She had started including this, and coconut water,
in her diet when she had found out she was hypothyroid about a year previously.  Coconut water is fantastic for keeping hydrated.

She could now meditate fine again, so felt it certainly had less of a hold on her.  She was feeling pretty tired though, and struggled to keep up with things
she wanted to do, so she eventually relaxed about this and took some time out to rest, especially when it was warm enough to sit outside in the fresh air.

She did have some good days where she got through lots of studying.  She made good progress on her nutrition course, and also researched essential oils,
as she had felt drawn toward using some others that she had.  She found from her research that she had been intuitively wanting to use all the right things.
So she followed through with using those, and ordered a few more to add to her collection.  These oils have simply amazing properties, and so many of them
are antifungal, cleansing, antiseptic, detoxing, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, and calming; plus they smell and feel great.  Some of them also help
to rejuvenate the skin cells, so would help repair her damaged skin.  Many of them have other hugely beneficial properties too, such as boosting
the immune system, balancing hormones, and helping the thyroid - all things she could really benefit from.
They are also much more potent antioxidants than fruit and veg, and a few of them have some other fantastic claims about things they can help us with.

She was thinking a lot more about life on earth, partly due to her nutrition course (which included some exciting information about epigenetics
and how we could switch bad genes off and good ones on through what we ate & drank, did, thought, felt, etc.), and partly due to other studies she did
on the internet, including about the essential oils.  She felt she was being called back to consider the meaning of her life somewhat - what she was doing,
or should be focusing on.  The information about microbes and plants fascinated her, and she remembered that she had done some shamanic work
with plants before - quite out of the blue actually - and that she had had a very vivid dream/vision about being told she should work more with plants.
Chemistry was also something she had always wished she had studied at school because she did find it so interesting, but you couldn't do it at her school without
physics, and the mathematical side of that would have been difficult for her.  The chemistry of how natural food works for us is amazing,
and it is extraordinary how there is always some specific food that could help correct any problem, through providing just the right nutrients.

It seems almost as if our Garden of Eden has been made especially to suit us!
There are things that nothing else uses but that are essential to us, and everything we need to support a good diet and human health  is there.
All parts of plants have specific properties and uses - roots, flowers, leaves.  The scents and colours of things tell us a lot about them too.

She lay on the grass under the blue sky one spring morning, when her skin problem had well receded, and had a most beautiful sensation
of reconnecting with Mother Earth at a very deep level.

Our incredible planet provides us with all the things needed to sustain life, and yet we desecrate it - digging into her body and leaving huge scars,
shaving her skin of vast swathes of forest, pumping out poisons into the air, pouring pollutants into soil and water that our own lives depend so fundamentally upon.
The planet is really good at rebalancing itself, adapting, regrowing, but not under such continual and massive onslaught.
We are like a fungus on her body, changing her nature, and something she might even want to fight off.

The humans in control don't seem to care, they just want to make more money.  How stupid! What are they going to do with it all?
There seems no point in owning anything to excess, in fact it is probably quite bad for us in the same way that consuming anything in excess is.
If I had access to so much money, I would spread it about helping others and helping try to bring things more into balance - I wouldn't hoard it.
But those in control don't seem to want to help people, they seem to want less of us.  So they make wars, which also make them more rich, and they feed us poisons.
They put the toxic by-products of all their nasty industrial profiteering, war making, and plundering - into our food, air, and water.
They even call us the "useless eaters".  So if you are trusting enough to consume the things they send our way, they will just laugh it off,
saying that we deserve to be ill because of it.  Big pharma is suspect too.  Many medicines have nasty side-effects, and keep you locked into a cycle
that good nutrition might be able to get you out of.  For goodness sake do your own research and take care of your own health.

Take yourself out of their other systems as much as possible too.  Do you really want to be perpetuating their destructive ways and keeping them
in a position of control over us?  Financial systems can be collapsed at any time, as they have been in the past, so that banks can collect properties
from defaulted loans, and then normal business is restarted for the next round of inflation then scoop.


So, are humans a pox in the earth - like a fungal colony out of control - or are humans only here because of microbes in the first place?
We are more microbe than anything else!  The microbes in our digestive tracts contain far more DNA than is in the rest of our bodies.
If they are in balance then the human lives in symbiosis with them, but if they are not balanced then the human gets sick.
They affect what nutrients we can or can't absorb, how well our body systems work, and even how our brain works.
They can make us produce things that support their growth more than ours, so the bad bacteria  can perpetuate themselves more and more,
and squeeze out the good bacteria.  We can't function without the good bacteria, as they perform necessary actions on our behalf.

So human life on this planet is totally dependant on microbes, and the huge diversity of plant life, as well as the sun, air, soil and water needed for any of it to grow.
In fact we depend on some of it even to make the oxygen we breathe, and to process our natural by-products.

Did microbes even make us?  Are we a colony evolved into a more complex form because of them?  Are those among us who are akin to the bad bacteria
taking over far too much control?  Can we detox by withdrawing from engaging with their systems?  Should we truly take responsibility for our health
on local and global social levels as well as individually?  As John Robbins said recently, "Ignorance is not bliss, it is subordination".

We know that the world is in imbalance at every level, in our relationships with each other on a 1:1 basis, as well as on a community and global basis,
and that even in the natural world there are imbalances.  In fact the world probably needs some level of imbalance to enable dynamic existence,
though sometimes we label natural things as either good or bad incorrectly, when they are all a necessary part of the whole.
All types of things need to co-exist in order for the whole to thrive, and we should celebrate diversity.
However, this does not mean we should not strive to create more balance in our lives, and at every level.

Life itself is self-organising - but that depends on the 'good' side being able to somehow keep its end up - so we can't all just lie down and succumb
to the big bad bacteria / powerful corporations & organisations - we have to fight back - in the same way you would want to re-establish
the health of the colony in your gut, or on your skin - so that you can once again thrive.

When we are balanced, then we can turn to greater things - creativity and inventiveness that makes sense - that encourages and maintains balanced life,
that allows us to evolve sustainably instead of landmining ourselves, so that we, and our beautiful, amazing planet can truly be the Garden of Eden,
and not some bombed out battleground.

Any colony that gets out of balance will eventually kill itself because it kills its very host.
Please care enough to open your eyes, get informed, and stand up for the hope of our world.
Please be healthy, keep on learning and growing.


It seems that many people are picking up such fungal invasions from polluted seas,
and that might be what happened in this case, during a trip to North Africa.

Also the fact that the author's immune system is already compromised
and her thyroid underactive, apparently make her more prone to such things.

All the more reason to try to get more educated on taking responsibility for one&rsquos own health.

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